Opening Reception: Friday 23 November, at 6:30pm at the ER gallery in Saint-Savin (Vienne, France)

The exhibition entitled « Près d’Elles » will be dedicated to recent works by Nushka, made for the occasion and never exhibited.

Representation of the body is recurrent in the work of Nushka. A predominantly female body, that this young French artist explores in all its forms: faces, busts, fragments of body…

Nushka paintings "4am" and "Femme au miroir"« The narrative is not essential for me. I enclose the body of my subjects in abstract structures, diagonals, verticals. I use perspective lines as if they were the backbone of my new models. » Nushka

The artist plays with contrasts: sensitive, sensual, timeless topics. And vivid, dynamic, contemporary brushstrokes.

An exhibition catalog will be offered to the « Friends of the Gallery ».

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information: info (at)

Find out more:
Press Release (FRENCH)
Video (Nushka’s interview)

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